Video Game Influencer and Content Creator Relations

With a global video game influencer relations contact book over 1,500 channels strong (and growing daily) Dead Good PR is uniquely positioned to help content creator campaigns of all shapes and sizes. 


Whether it’s long-lead planning and organising, or last-minute, same-day activation of code distribution and coverage reporting, Dead Good PR is equipped to handle all size of influencer-centric campaigns.


Beyond our regular gaming contacts, Dead Good PR also extensively researches all relevant channels for each and every campaign.


Dead Good dedicated Influencer and Content Creator team focuses on delivering three core pillars for our clients:


1. To identify major channels and organically place coverage typically available only for sponsorship through influencer agents.


2. To seek out and support the smaller ‘micro-influencers’, ignored by many agencies and PR teams, who speak directly to a core audience and collectively increase mindshare.


3. Where dedicated budget is available, to smartly target and negotiate sponsorships that give clients added-value coverage pushes.


Recent influencer campaign clients have included: 



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